GGA National Courses

The various National courses that we teach at GGA reward you with a national certificate that acts as a stepping-stone toward international certification. The information supplied in our National courses is a pre requisite for most international courses, unless you have graduated from a health and human sciences background. Taking one of our nationally accredited courses will familiarize you with foundational knowledge, curriculum, test format, and the basics of health and fitness theory and practice.

Personal Training (PT)

Personal training involves a lot more than prescribing an exercise program. A Personal Trainer is a role model, a student, a lecturer, a competitor and an avid fitness enthusiast. Anyone with a passion for health, physical activity, and exercise can become a successful Personal Trainer if given the right tools to succeed.

The PT course is the perfect kick-start to an exciting career in the health and fitness industry. This course will bridge the gap between science and application, and is an excellent stepping-stone toward the international Certified Fitness Trainer course also offered at GGA.

Group Fitness (GF)

Group Fitness is a favorite way to train amongst many fitness enthusiasts; group support, fun, music and a professional instructor are all reasons that more and more people are heading to the Group Fitness Studio. This course teaches you how to instruct Floor and Step Aerobics, combining theory with practical knowledge to ensure safety and proper exercise progression. You will learn the steps necessary to build choreography to make your classes enjoyable and interesting.

The GF course is a fantastic stepping-stone toward acquiring an international group fitness certification, most notably the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) certificate, which is offered on an annual basis at GGA.

Classic Massage (CM)

Learning the art of massage through the CM course is an excellent addition to your training. Massage therapy is one of the oldest and simplest forms of medical care that offers benefits ranging from relaxation, recovery, stress relief, pain relief amongst many more.

In the CM course, you will learn various massage techniques and how to use the one that is most appropriate based on your clients goals.

Sports Conditioning (SC)

Designed to provide knowledge, expertise, and specific training techniques enabling athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike to go beyond what they thought they were capable of.

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